Why not travel the world when you can find love and art and adventure in it?

I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.

Meet Vic


Second photographer

Business partner,

Creative soul

There’s nothing like documenting love with the person you are in love with. My photography isn’t complete without him. Vic sees what I see and knows the style and scenes that complement my couples. He knows where to be before I even need to tell him, with a creative spirit that comes from his inquisitive nature and interest in figuring out the details that make things work well. 

Vic’s fearless. He knows how to get stuff done. He takes care of the operations so I can be 100% creative. We both have such different skill sets and experiences that it definitely works out to our advantage. Plus, we’re married, which makes everything both infinitely easier and more complex. After all, we still have to go home and spend time together so it's pretty important that we're on the same page.

Vic has lived all over the USA and the world. Traveling solo on an extended trip or sitting on a hammock on the beach are equally appealing to him. Cooking is also his therapy. What most people find most surprising about him is that he hasn’t had a television in more than a decade, and he could go without one. He’s found so much purpose and focus in life, and he brings that focus, care, and efficiency into our couples’ experiences.

Editorial, ethereal, effortless


Our style is always evolving, depending on the couple and the surrounding nature and architecture, which we use as a frame, a background, or a way into an intimate scene. Still, our most important influences are fashion and art, namely, the master works of Italian Baroque painters whose artistry was defined by bold colors and contrasting light, which today define our romantic, energetic photography.

Surrounded by love and talent


I wish I could be everywhere at once but I’m only one person (two, if you include my husband and business partner). To grow meaningfully, I’ve surrounded myself with people who believe in me and who I’ve connected with. We count on each other and grow together. They’re geniuses at making you feel your most awesome in front of the camera. Your images will be edited by me, in my style, so you have all the same colors and vibes that you would receive if you were working with me.


your own adventure.










Editorial photos for adventurous and fashionable couples in Italy and worldwide.